The firm does not aim to highlight the individual personality but wants to be a real and concrete support for the customer .
The relationship, in most cases , goes far beyond the single issue extending to many aspects of life of the customer which we become real stakeholders . It is a plus for small and medium business training in the field of international contracts and negotiation and the new service " Start Up Legal Departement " with which it is tailor-made on site and an internal corporate legal department.

-Legal assistance
-Training Courses

-Civil Law
-Labour Law
-Commercial Law
-I.P. and Competition
-International Commercial Law
-Real Estate
-Negotiating, A.D.R., Arbitration

Our Offices:

Studio Legale Avv. Stefano Sartore
Piazzetta degli Storti, 6/6 - 30031 DOLO (VE).
Tel: 041/5101421 Fax: 041/5128364

Studio Legale Avv. Stefano Sartore
Piazza A. Degasperi, 5 - 38051 BORGO VALSUGANA (TRENTO)
Tel: 0461/754700 Fax: 0461/756405

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